Online Tools

Online Tools For Digital Success!

Our brand new system gives you a variety of tools to make marketing your campaign online a breeze! here is a run down of the powerful tools at your disposal.

Direct Linking / Registered Domain Traffic

Direct Linking is HUGE! In the past you would need a special URL to link to any affiliate program. We now have the ability to register your domain with our system. Anytime you send traffic to our site from your site by simply linking to you will get credit! Avoiding affiliate URLs presents a more SEO friendly image to Google!

Custom Name / Url Creation

Create custom links directly to products. Our powerful back end system gives you tools to create all the custom links you need. We even offer pre made banners and images that you can use to generate traffic to your program!

Real Time Reporting

Our system lets you know who is ordering and how much commission you have generated! You also have access to your customers information so you can retarget them for future sales! Once you have a customer you will receive commission on all sales they make for a lifetime!

Control Your Margins!

Want ultimate control? We can clone a custom version of our site for you! Your brand! After launch you decide what prices you want to charge. You accept all the money and simply pay the wholesale rate on the lenses! We still handle all of the verification and shipping!

Mix and Match

No matter how you decide to expand your business with lenses we are there to help! There is no set program that is perfect for everyone. You can mix and match solutions we offer to custom tailor a package that works flawless with your business!